UX & UI Designer

UX Designer based in Dublin, working to Animatto and PrimeSystems,
co-founder of AudioTrato.

About me

With over than 7 years of experience as a designer, within these 2 also working as a developer. I have passion to find smart solutions and be challenged to improve constantly the interactions and experience of the projects and products which I am involved.

Combining my two passions, design and development, I found me as a Ux Designer, being able to plan, prototype, design, develop and test the solutions that I find and idealize.

I have been working in big and small companies, using different kinds of methodologies and process, creating many projects and products, such as apps, control panels, websites, and systems.



Design process (methods and resources): Google Design Sprint, Design thinking, Customer survey, Metrics, Wireframes, Sitemaps, Prototypes, User journeys, Personas, A/B testing and User testing.

Agile Methodologies and documentation: Design thinking, SCRUM, Kanban, JIRA, Trello.

Software and Designer Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Axure, Webflow, Balsamiq Mockups, InVision, Marvel, MailChimp, Hotjar among others.

Dev. Languages: HTML5, CSS3, pre-processors SASS and LESS, JQuery, Java Script and Angular notions.

Libraries, Frameworks, and CMS’s: Google Material Design, Twitter Bootstrap, MaterializeCSS, WordPress, Joomla, Atomic CSS (ACSS).

Latest 3 experiences

PrimeSystems [2016 – Current Job]: PrimeSystems is a tecnology company focused in MBPM (Mobile Business Process Management). It has the PrimeBuilder (Platform and Store), which I have been working with the development and innovation team. My responsibilities are to plan, create/design, develop and test new solutions for products and process.

Animatto [2015-2016]: Animatto is a Digital Agency, where I executed majors projects with a wide range of customers, such as Google, The World Trade Center, Software One, Victorinox, Havanna and Minas Tênis Clube. I was the head of designers team, and worked together with front-end developers team.

There I designed websites, hot sites, digital marketing campaing and digital arts.

webAula [2012 – 2014: WebAula is special to me, because it was my first trainee job and after that I became part from the permanent staff – as an UX and UI Designer. I worked in internal communication area for about 10 months, and after that I was promoted to delevopment area as a front-end developer to work in one of the mainly products., the Curso Para Todos. www.cursosparatodos.com.br