UX & UI Designer


Project Overview

How many times you didn’t have problems when hired a freelancer and for lack of a contract or any formal thing that ensure the deal, the final deliverable wasn’t what you were waiting. The deadline wasn’t respected, the final cost was higher than you were waiting and weren’t finished all of was dealt.
If a contract had been signed maybe all these things didn’t be happened, but in other side, contracts are too much formal and bureaucratic, take your time and need attention.

Thinking in this situation, I created the AudioTrato, an app that makes contracts in a practiced way, recording audios with all information that a normal contract has, such as deadline, price, job details and observations, and in the end is possible to sign, take pictures of the documents and sent copies to everyone involved in the deal.

My role

This is a personal project, so I create all concept, I thought in the functionalities and juridical validation about the project viability, I keep working on this project making all related with visual, interactions and experience, while I have a developer who is working on the back-end/API.


At first, I made an extended research about possible competitors and other similar applications. With a short list, but without anyone doing exactly the same that is my main functionality, record in audio the deals, I start to explain the idea with some friends and get many others suggestions.

With lots of things in my mind, I begin drawing some wireframes on paper and in the higher fidelity version on Photoshop at the same time. I need to draw wireframes so quickly and basic as I can, to don’t lose ideas and inspiration.


Prototypes and tests

The application is not finished yet but is planned that with the MVP version in hands, We’ll go to field test the application with a selected sample of people.

Final results

We are really happy with the final result that the project is achieving, look below some examples of this job.