UX & UI Designer

Cursos para todos

Project Overview

The e-commerce CPT (Cursos Para Todos – Coursers For Everyone) is more than a simple e-commerce, is a sales platform that can be used by third parties as a sales platform. Owned by webAula, a Brazilian company that has one of the biggest LMS (learning management systems), this project consisted in redesign all administration panel of CPT, twhich is used by a business and educational organizations.

With a new e-commerce interface, entirely new, the administration panel was obsolete and with many problems, so we had to build another panel, that was compatible with mobile and integrate new features which had been developed.





My role

In this project I was designated to be responsible for all creative aspects (UI, UX, Usability, Interaction and some Validations), first designing the layouts analyzing all the requirements, user journeys, personas, and functionalities highlighted for the leadership team.
After the main layouts approved, I started the front-end development, that I worked for about 6 months.


To define the issues to be solved, interfaces definitions, gathering requirements, and to share the tasks, were made recurrent meetings with all team, in this way, everyone was updated about the process project.

Prototypes and tests

After the conclusion of each screen, the QA team tested with real use cases all functionalities in all aspects (UX, bugs, requirements, user journeys etc.).

Final results

To know more about this project access: ecommerce.webaula.com.br or www.cursosparatodos.com.br