UX & UI Designer

Primebuilder IOS App

Project Overview

This is a mobile (IOS) version of the main PrimeSystems’s product, PrimeBuilder. The application is responsible to execute the flows created by the panel system, and enable all the staffs to work day-by-day wherever they are.

Only existed the Android version of this app, for market necessities and a client requirement we received this demand, to create the IOS and Windows Phone version.

One requirement of this project was to keep the visual standard that the Android version has been using, but, making all the necessary adaptations, keeping the usability and user experience that each operational system requires.


My role

I was the responsible to design the IOS version of this app. With this opportunity, I made little improvements in the visual identity, that in that moment only had used the Google Material Design style. With this little change, the project got personality and identity.

Accompanying the development was an important point in this project, in this manner, we could keep the standard and fidelity.


To work in this project we already had an application with all features and functions to follow. But, even so, first of all, we made some meetings to talk about all the specificities of each operational system, in this way, we listed which were the exceptions to redesign, for example, the menu, which in the Android version is like a hamburger but in the IOS version, should group the functions as icons in the bottom screen. After listed all the exceptions and talk about everything, I designed all the screens using the Photoshop and showed to team to get all the final arguments and observations.

Prototypes and tests

The Q.A team has been working so hard checking and testing everything in this project. They made differents user journeys to test all the application and reported all the bugs to be fixed.

Final results

The project keeps going in development, but you can see in all these pictures the final screens designed by me and my team.

It is possible to download the Android app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.primesystems.osmobile

or direct download https://support.primebuilder.com.br/download/