UX & UI Designer

PrimeBuilder Store

Project Overview

PrimeBuilder Store is a variation of the main product of PrimeSystems, the PrimeBuilder. The PB Store is an e-commerce solutions platform, where the “Builders”, specialists who build the solutions can sell this one. And, on the other side, there are the companies with specifics necessities who can purchase these solutions and customize in their shape. These solutions are a kind of applications/plugins that can execute routines and flow of check-lists.

The project was running when I come together with the team, with the MVP about of 70% done, in few months the project was finished.


My role

Redesign and improve the experience the layout and all the platform functionalities, from check-out to users admin panel, mobile and desktop.

I did work with another Designer, who gave me all the documentation of the project because he was going to another project. So, I had to keep the standard that had been applied based on Google Material Design.

After all done, I started to work supporting the marketing area, to promote the product with hackathons, digital campaigns and etc.


Different process and methodologies were used in this project, at first, with well-defined weekly sprints and following at risk the SCRUM methodology with daily meetings. Some steps which were necessary the involvement of all team to make up the new functionalities, the Google Design Sprint was used to define the effort, budget, and priorities. In other moments, that the project already was almost done, but yet using the SCRUM methodology, we did some groomings to resolve key tasks and some incoherences.

While the main company team was focused to develop new features and the platform advance, a second team was designated to help and support the clients, receive criticism and transform everything in possible talks to be included in the following sprints.

Prototypes and tests

The tests and validations of this project (MVP) were divided into two parts, first an internal validation with my team and the bank technical and administration team, in this step were validate the requirements, use cases, UI design. The second step will be a validation with the final clients, in this step will be checked all the functionalities, interface (UX design) and usability. All of this tests are supervised and documented so that in the end, all details that be discovered could be argued and finally changed.

Final results

Although it was an exciting project, which PrimeSystems invested a lot of money and effort, nowadays it has been kept in a second plan by the company, which has been dedicating the attention in your main product, the PrimeBuilder.