UX & UI Designer

Semear banking

Project Overview

Design and develop the first banking app and technical consulting at the web version of this application to Semear bank. About the client: Semear is a Brazilian bank owned by one of the largest business groups from Brazil, Seculus Group, focused on the juridical person and big scale investments.
The app besides to attend the physical person must be able to attend the juridical person and bring forward manager functionalities.


My role

Plan, test, and define all the visual and interaction aspects of the product, from the project architecture, screens flow, information, make up new functionalities doesn’t existents at web version, layouts, tests, final high definition versions and care on the development together with the dev team to ensure the delivery fidelity.


First of all, in this project was made a deep benchmarking to analyze what the main competitors have been using, such as functionalities, layout, usability, and security. After this, in an immersion with all team, we specify the requirements of the project, personas, and user journeys. Many valuable ideas were detailed and highlighted, functionalities explored and understood, so we reached in an MVP definition and a specification of what should be present in the followed versions of the app.

Above some benchmarking slides that we made to analyze client’s competitors.

With all requirements, personas, user journeys and a chronogram in hands, we started a hard work to deliver the MVP, many meetings were made to get the screens conceptions, in this way everyone knew all the project necessities, steps and what has been made. In a different way, this method enriched much the project, because each one contributed a little bit with them owned experience. This process was repeated until the end of the project, first designing a wireframe on a white board, them a high definition version and in the end, validating everything with the bank development team, security, and administration.

wireframes e analise

Wireframes in white-board to analyze and discuss functionalities, architecture, and resources.

Wireframes in a new version (Balsamiq Mockups) to be presented to the client.

One of the many meeting which we discussed the projet, now with some screens already done.

Prototypes and tests

The tests and validations of this project (MVP) were divided into two parts, first an internal validation with my team and the bank technical and administration team, in this step were validate the requirements, use cases, UI design. The second step will be a validation with the final clients, in this step will be checked all the functionalities, interface (UX design) and usability. All of this tests are supervised and documented so that in the end, all details that be discovered could be argued and finally changed.

Final results

This project isn’t concluded yet, so, it is not available to download, but you can see many final layouts that I designed and helped to be developed.